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Connecting Harvard and the Boston Symphony Orchestra

About Harvard College Symphony Society

Founded in 2015 with an entrepreneurial spirit

We believe that experiencing live orchestral music opens students’ minds

And promotes lifelong engagement with the musical arts

Through our partnership with the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the annual support of the Harvard community, HCSS has brought more than 2,000 Harvard undergraduates to Symphony Hall to hear the world-class BSO perform live—entirely free of charge.

Our program works. It’s inclusive, it’s fun, and it’s free! With waitlists routinely exceeding 100, we know students value the deep connection to orchestral music that HCSS helps develop.

Our Mission

We believe that by providing students of all backgrounds with in-hall and backstage access to world-class concerts and performers, we can inspire a lifelong engagement with symphonic music that will help sustain orchestras for years to come.

Our mission is to deliver this experience to Harvard students through our partnership with the BSO, and in doing so, to help build the next generation of concert-goers and orchestral patrons.

Our Vision

We envision campuses where students connect through their love of live classical music, cities where graduates actively support their local music ensembles, and a world where orchestras benefit from deep ties to global citizen leaders of all backgrounds.

Our vision is to connect top tier orchestras around the world with local Harvard alumni who have the talent, means, and leadership to steward the art form, and in doing so, to strengthen the international network of orchestral champions.